Grade Academic Goals

The academic goals at the Middle School level are to:

  • Encourage students to learn about and grow in their Catholic faith
  • Develop awareness of stewardship responsibility by offering opportunities for community service through the Step-by-Step program, student sponsored projects, Confirmation preparation, and supporting parish stewardship
  • Enable our students to develop positive interpersonal relationships
  • Create an atmosphere that values the uniqueness of each child while providing a curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking and responsibility
  • Provide opportunities for students to recognize and develop their greatest learning potential through differentiated instruction
  • Help students develop a broad base of knowledge, technology-based research, and study and organizational skills in order to have a successful transition to  high school


6th – Old Testament / Step-By-Step program emphasis on babies and children

7th – New Testament / Step-By-Step program emphasis on refugee issues

8th – Confirmation Preparation / Step-By-Step program emphasis on the homeless


Analysis of different genres of literature, development of vocabulary, and comprehension skills incorporating critical thinking.  Textbooks and novels are used.

Language Arts

Development of effective writing skills utilizing proper grammar and language mechanics.


6th – Accelerated Math Course focusing on skills needed for Pre-Algebra

7th – Pre-Algebra

8th – Algebra I


6th – Earth Science – study of rocks, minerals, changing surface and space.

7th – Life Science – study of living systems

8th – Physical Science – study of matter, motion, forces, and energy

Social Studies

6th – Physical & cultural geography

7th – Study of ancient history from the earliest civilizations to 1500’s

8th – American History with an emphasis on government and current events