Participation in extracurricular activities will help develop certain responsibilities and experiences that cannot be gained through the regular classroom. Students who participate in these activities must observe all school rules, and school assignments take priority over all extracurricular activities. Academic requirements must be met for students to participate in these activities. John Paul II Academy accepts the basic principle that extracurricular activities supplement the academic and spiritual development of youth and help develop a sense of community. John Paul II Academy also accepts the basic principle that the responsibility to maintain a proper perspective in extracurricular activity participation lies first and foremost with the parents/guardians of the participants. Parents or guardians and students will be required to sign a “Code of Conduct” provided by the John Paul II Booster Organization outlining actions that are expected of all in the Catholic School environment. “Extracurricular activity’’ is understood to include all meetings, practices, games, etc. provided for the elementary school-age youth of John Paul II Academy.
Participation in extracurricular activities is open to all children of John Paul II Academy or supporting parishes. For just cause, and with the approval of the supporting organization, the moderator of an activity may allow participation by children not belonging to the school. In such cases, first priority for participation shall be given to children of John Paul II Academy or supporting parishes.

Extracurricular, Clubs and Special Programs

Quick Recall Gr. 4-8
Art Club 3-8
Student Ambassadors Gr.8
Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) Gr. 6-8
Safety Patrol Gr. 7-8
Broadcast Gr.7- 8
Choir Gr. 5-8
Cantors Gr. 5-8
Altar Servers 5-8
Conservation Gr. 5-6
Shine Gr. 4-8
Environmental Club Gr. 4-8
Minds in Motion Gr. EC-4
Geography Bee Gr. 4-8
Spelling Bee Gr. 4-8
Additional programs offered at JPIIA include various art and essay contests.

JPIIA Boosters Yearly Sports Offering

CSAA Sanctioned:
Volleyball (Girls and Boys) Gr. 3-8
Cross Country /Track (Girls and Boys) Gr. 5-8
Basketball (Girls and Boys) Gr. 3-8
Soccer (Girls and Boys) Gr. 3-8
Golf (Girls and Boys) Gr. 5-8
Field Hockey (Girls) Gr. 5-8
Football (Boys) Gr. 3-8
Softball (Girls) Gr. 3-8
Baseball (Boys) Gr. 5-8

Volleyball (Girls and Boys) Gr. 1-2
Tee-ball (Girls and Boys) Gr. 1-2
Archery Gr. 4-8

In the event that school is canceled due to snow or other severe weather conditions, all sports practices or scheduled games will also be canceled.