We will learn the Ten Commandments, the Seven Sacraments, and parts of the Mass.  We will compile a faith book of what we learn.

Language Arts

We will study parts of speech and review the components of an excellent paragraph.  We will write reports, reflections, narratives, and stories. Vocabulary words are assessed for spelling, word meanings, and usage in sentences.  We will explore a variety of novels and practice using many comprehension skills.  You will share your knowledge by creating dioramas, written and oral reports, skits, and in class discussions.


We use all the math skills already learned.  The challenge is to solve many kinds of problems using those skills and more. Fractions, decimals, geometry, and measurement are studied this year.


We will learn about plant and animal cells, plant reproduction, biomes, the human skeletal system, chemical reactions, acids and bases, weather and clouds, simple machines, forces of energy, and much more. We will use hands-on activities to explore.

Social Studies

Have you ever enjoyed the savory goodness of a Colonial Tea or listened to a Civil War soldier tell of the hardships of everyday life?  Have you ever tried to run your own business?  Have you ever wondered about the explorers who first visited the shores of North America, or the settlers who made our country so great with their diversity?  Come along on our journey of discovery as we experience these and other exciting activities