As one of the premier Regional Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Louisville, John Paul II Academy is dedicated to inspiring excellence in education and preparing our students for the future.

Unique Assets of JPIIA


2017-2018 Tuition Rate

The tuition rate below reflects a 4% increase from last year.  Please remember, the tuition incentive for referring families whose name is listed on the registration form of the new family, will receive a $500 discount.  The discount will be applied towards the MAY payment, provided the family remains at JPIIA for the entire year and their finances remain current.  In addition, if you have a child currently attending JPIIA in grades Pre-K or Kindergarten, who remains at JPIIA for the upcoming school year, you will receive a $500 discount.  This discount will be reflected in your ACH payment.  *The tuition rates listed below are inclusive of instructional and Kindergarten snack fees.

 Tuition for Grades Kindergarten through 8th

One child                        $6,600.00

Two children                $9,260.00

Three children             $11,925.00

Four children                $12,625.00

 For information regarding tuition assistance, please call Ann Boone at (502) 452-1712,ext.24

Tuition & Fees for Early Childhood Program (EC/PreK)

5 Day – Full Day     $5213.00

3 Day – Full Day     $3209.00

5 Day – Half Day    $3226.00

3 Day – Half Day    $1997.00

The answer is YES, a Catholic Education is affordable.

FACT:  For the past two years, every single family who applied to the Catholic Education Foundation for tuition assistance – and demonstrated a financial need – earned an award.  YES, everyone who applied received an award.

Instead of talking yourself out of a Catholic education for your children, shouldn’t you consider reaching out to the Catholic Education Foundation and John Paul II  Academy provide a better path for both your children and your family?

The Answer is YES!    To provide a Catholic education for your children at John Paul II Academy, click “here.”

Financial Aid Opportunities


Tuition Incentive Program: The JPIIA Tuition Incentive Program offers more opportunities for JPIIA families to receive potential discounts. Families with students currently enrolled in Pre-K or Kindergarten will receive a $500 discount for enrolling their child/children in Kindergarten or first grade next year. In addition, if you currently have a child/children in K through 8 and a new family enrolls their child/children in grades K through 8 and writes your family name as the recommending family on their registration form, you will receive a $500 credit on your tuition. This credit will follow the current guidelines as shared on the website under Tuition Initiative. The potential to receive increments of $500 is great if you recommend multiple families!
Tuition Initiative

Catholic Education Foundation(CEF): You are required to fill out the FACTS (financial aid) form online at  The deadline for 2017-2018 is March 15.  For questions regarding tuition assistance, please call Ann Boone at (502)452-1712, ext. 24, Monday through Thursday.
Tuition Assistance Letter

John Paul II Academy: Financial aid is available based on the CEF Archdiocese information (available in our office) and on an “as needed basis.”  All “as needed” requests must be submitted in writing to the school Finance Committee as early as possible.

To apply for admission at John Paul II Academy, please complete an application. 

For more information about John Paul II Academy, please feel free to review our handbook.